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How 13-Year Old Mo'ne Davis Helped Big Time College Athletes
The NCAA has had a long-standing rule that prohibits college athletes from any compensation for appearances with commercial advertisers that can be tied to their athletic persona. Players like Jeremy Bloom, a talented and strikingly good looking football player at Colorado sued the NCAA when advertisers wanted to put him [...]
•  Dolce & Gabbana Cleared Of Tax Evasion, Could Help Lionel Messi Trial
•  Five Reasons Your Interviews Do Not Lead To Job Offers: Why Your Career Change Efforts Are Not Working, Part 2
•  Apple Update: Comparing iPhone 6 Lead-Times To Earlier Models
•  Singapore Property Magnate Raj Kumar And Son Kishin RK Get Urge To Merge
•  Memories of Thatcher: Will EU Battles Crush David Cameron?
•  Adderall In The Workplace: Why Some Turn To Stimulants For A Career Boost
•  What Does Your Doctor Make?
•  Even Without Red States, Obamacare's Medicaid Growth On A Roll
•  Three Retirement Goals People Never Achieve
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Finance & Law Headlinesmore Finance & Law Headlines » 

Personal Finance:
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•  Three Retirement Goals People Never Achieve
Certain retirement goals remain elusive because people often attach misguided thoughts and beliefs to them. Overcome obstacles and turn your dreams into reality by taking these steps.
•  Social Security Q&A: Is It True That I Can Completely Avoid the Earnings Test at 65 and Two Days?
Today?s question asks if what the questioner has heard is true, that it?s possible to earn unlimited income two days after turning 65 and avoid the earnings test. The answer reviews how full retirement age is related to birthdate and notes how application of the earnings test by Social Security is affected by attainment of full retirement age.
•  Should You Renew Your Apartment Lease?
If your apartment lease is almost up, you might find you're exploring other possibilities. Maybe you've always wanted to spend more time in that other part of town, or you think you can find somewhere with just a few more square feet of closet space. But is moving really worth it? Here are a few things to think about when the decision between moving and lease renewal is hanging over your head. The Location When it comes to day-to-day living, finding the right location for your apartment is key. Commuting is stressful, so if your current location offers an easy commute to work and good public transportation or parking options, you may want to stay at least in the same area. If you aren't happy with the location, research other areas you're interested in to see if they have better or faster commute options before deciding to pull the plug on your current lease. You may find that areas with better commutes are a little out of your price range or don't offer the same neighborhood benefits that your current area does. The Building Is having an in-unit washer and dryer the only way you're ever going to get laundry done? Everyone has their own apartment building deal-breakers, whether you require a building with laundry, an elevator, a workout facility or a doorman. With apartment vacancy rates decreasing, finding the "perfect" apartment is becoming increasingly challenging.
•  Spooky: Each Of Us Spends $77.52 On Halloween
If you’re like me, you’re shocked – scared, in fact – to hear that the average American will spend $77.52 on Halloween this year. But come November 1st, you may also be terrified to realize how quickly you got there.
•  Asset Allocation For Retirement
The U.S. government recently issued guidelines for the ownership of annuities in 401(k) plans, patching what had been a big hole in many workplace retirement offerings: How to secure an income after you stop working.
•  This Week In Credit Card News: Data Breach At Staples, Early Glitches With Apple Pay
Staples Investigates Reports of Possible Credit Card Data Breach

Industries & Technology Headlinesmore Industries & Technology Headlines » 

Technology: NYTimes
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•  Strategies: When iPhones Ring, the Economy Listens
•  The Met and Other Museums Adapt to the Digital Age
•  Bits Blog: Nest Buys Revolv, Maker of Smart Appliance Manager

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•  Apple Update: Comparing iPhone 6 Lead-Times To Earlier Models
•  Minecraft, League of Legends, And Destiny: Why Some Games Don't Need Sequels
•  Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review: Android's Unflattering Underpowered Smartphone

Technology: Wired
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•  Best-Selling Author Warns ?You Might Not Want to Buy? His Book
•  How Car Recalls Work
•  Over 12,000 People Evacuated Near Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and Chiles

Software News: The Register
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•  GCHQ staff 'would sooner walk' than do anything 'resembling mass surveillance?
•  FTDI yanks chip-bricking driver from Windows Update, vows to fight on
•  Ubuntu's shiny 10th birthday Unicorn: An upgrade fantasy

Slashdot News
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•  The Problem With Positive Thinking
•  Ask Slashdot: How Do I Make a High-Spec PC Waterproof?
•  Building All the Major Open-Source Web Browsers

Enterprise: The Register
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•  Caterham Seven 160 review: The Raspberry Pi of motoring
•  LG taps TSMC to bake its first-ever mobile chip
•  Revealed: The amazing magical innovation in the iPad Mini 3 ? a lick of paint


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