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Featured Online Games

Online Puzzle Games (View All)
Atlantis Quest Atlantis Quest (538): Journey through Ancient lands and search for one of the greatest mysteries of all time.
Jewel Quest Jewel Quest (382): Uncover the ancient Mayan treasures!
GameHouse Sudoku! GameHouse Sudoku! (296): A simple, addictive game of logic that will leave you begging for mercy!
Super Collapse! 3 Super Collapse! 3 (280): One of our most addictive titles of all time is back - and you won't believe the fun!

Online Mahjong & Card Games (View All)
Mah Jong Medley Mah Jong Medley (918): 300 layouts and 4 ways to play your favorite puzzle game!
Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire (540): Combine cards to equal 13 to remove them from the pyramid.
Addiction Solitaire Addiction Solitaire (474): A GameHouse original solitaire game. Very addicting!

Online Casino Games (View All)
Vegas Solitaire Vegas Solitaire (73): Vegas style solitaire.
Super 5-Line Slots Super 5-Line Slots (43): Place your bets, and let the good times spin. Remember, this is for fun, sorry no cash awards.
Deuces Wild Deuces Wild (43): Wild cards make this Video Poker Game extra fun.
Online Word Games (View All)
Super TextTwist Super TextTwist (1247): Unscramble the letters to make words!
Super Letter Linker Super Letter Linker (402): Link letters to create words!
BookWorm Deluxe BookWorm Deluxe (346): Help feed Lex the BookWorm with words.

Online Action Games (View All)
Super Collapse! 3 Super Collapse! 3 (280): One of our most addictive titles of all time is back - and you won't believe the fun!
Tumblebugs Tumblebugs (174): Save your beetle buddies from the Black Bug Empire.
Talismania Deluxe Talismania Deluxe (158): King Midas needs your help! Everything he touches turns to gold!

Online Jigsaw Games (View All)
Super Jigsaw Medley Super Jigsaw Medley (48): The most fun, relaxing and versatile jigsaw puzzle game ever - and we're not biased!
Pastime Puzzles Deluxe Pastime Puzzles Deluxe (21): Slip away to innocent days with this fun collection of jigsaws!
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