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WORLD: NYTimes International News
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•  U.S. and Allies Extend Iran Nuclear Talks by 7 Months
Secretary of State John Kerry says ?new ideas surfaced,? as a temporary agreement remains in place and Iran gets $5 billion more in sanctions relief.
•  Graft Hobbles Iraq?s Military in Fighting ISIS
The Iraqi military and police forces had been so pillaged by their own leadership that they all but collapsed this spring in the face of the advancing Islamic State fighters.
•  2 Foreign Soldiers Are Said to Have Been Killed in Afghanistan
The attack, reported by Afghan officials, occurred when a bomb hidden in the median strip of an avenue in the capital went off.
•  Afghan Women Are Excluded From Peace Overtures to Taliban, Report Says
The document by Oxfam echoes the worries of many women that a deal with religiously conservative insurgents will wipe out women?s gains.
•  Britain Plans to Expand Police Powers With New Antiterror Legislation
The proposed measure would include travel restrictions and would make it illegal for insurance companies to reimburse ransom payments for hostage releases.

BBC News: Politics
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•  'Time is right' for new terror powers
The police and security services should get new powers to defend the UK from a terror threat "perhaps greater than it has ever been", the home secretary says.
•  Ex-minister calls for UK's EU exit
Former minister Owen Paterson calls for the UK to exit the EU, putting pressure on the prime minister amid Tory divisions on the issue.
•  Labour's '250m police savings' vow
Labour says it has identified 250m in cost savings in the police service, promising to use the cash to protect the front line.
•  Clegg: I'd never join UKIP coalition
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says he would never join a coalition that included UKIP and suspects the "feeling is mutual".
•  Mitchell was unpleasant, says PC
A police officer who accompanied former cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell on two foreign trips tells the High Court the MP was "unpleasant" if he did not get his way. Headlines
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•  NetAppVoice: The Work Revolution (And How You're Part Of It)
•  'V' For Victory? 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Aims to Topple BMW M3 and M4 From The Throne
•  Brazil's 'Most Expensive iPhone' Becomes The Subject Of Mockery
•  5 Creative Ways to Snag the Best Cyber Monday Deals
•  Big Sexy Holiday Fun With The 2014 Unified Agenda Of Federal Regulations

BBC News: technology
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•  'Stealthy' spyware program uncovered
•  Breached webcam site owner seeks job
•  Google case over web abuse settled

ARTS: NYTimes News
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•  ArtsBeat: New Broadway Musicals Off to Slow Start
•  Kunstmuseum Bern Obtains Trove From Gurlitt Collection
•  ArtsBeat: Neal Cassady?s Famous Lost Letter to Jack Kerouac to Be Auctioned

SPORTS: NYTimes News
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•  Florida State Fans Spare Coach Jimbo Fisher the Tough Questions
•  On Baseball: Red Sox Add Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez to Revamped Roster
•  Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz Are New to Hall of Fame Ballot

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