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WORLD: NYTimes International News
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•  After Taiwan Quake, Rescue Efforts Yield Some Signs of Life
The authorities said that 117 people were believed buried in the ruins of a 17-story apartment tower, and faint cries could be heard beneath the rubble.
•  Memo From China: Chinese Who Violated One-Child Policy Remain Wary of Relaxed Rules
China?s cabinet has ordered that the registration document called a hukou be available to everyone, but many fear it will be used to levy steep fines on prior offenders.
•  As Syrians Flee Anew, Neighbors? Altruism Hardens Into Resentment
With Syrians fleeing the civil war by the tens of thousands, neighboring countries like Jordan are increasingly overwhelmed and reluctant to let them in.
•  Syrians Desperate to Escape What U.N. Calls ?Extermination? by Government
A new United Nations report accuses the government of President Bashar al-Assad of ?inhuman actions? against Syrian civilians.
•  Reporter's Notebook: West Bank Settlers? Listings on Airbnb Draw Palestinian Anger
Settlers are renting homes on Airbnb, but the Palestinian Authority condemned the website for not mentioning that the settlements are considered illegal by most of the world.

BBC News: Politics
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•  PM denies scaremongering over 'Jungle'
David Cameron rejects claims he is "scaremongering" by saying that the 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais could move to England if the UK leaves the EU.
•  Pilot in prisons seeks to cut violence
Six "reform prisons" are to be created in England and Wales as part of a government pilot scheme to tackle high levels of violence and re-offending.
•  Osborne's target brings 'tax rise risk'
Chancellor George Osborne's 'inflexible' budget surplus target could lead to sudden tax rises or spending cuts, independent economists suggest.
•  'Hoping' for Heathrow decision in July
The transport secretary "very much hopes" a decision on whether to build a runway at Heathrow or Gatwick will be taken by late July.
•  Carmichael loses legal fees attempt
Lib Dem Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael loses a bid to have his legal fees paid after a challenge to his election failed. Headlines
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•  As Chinese New Year Celebrations Spread Around Europe, London Will Host The Biggest Party
•  The Retreat To AT&T
•  Dividend Haircuts Can Make Some Companies More Attractive
•  Is Demand For Tesla's Model S Waning?
•  Don't Underestimate Today's Anti-Establishment Movement

BBC News: technology
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•  India blocks Zuckerberg's free net app
•  Thousands flock to 'malware museum'
•  Empire State Building hit by drone

ARTS: NYTimes News
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•  Review: Benjamin Millepied?s ?La Nuit S?Achve? at Paris Opera Ballet
•  Books of The Times: Review: ?The Girl in the Red Coat,? an Abduction Story Told in Two Voices
•  Dan Hicks, 74, of the Hot Licks, Dies at 74; Countered the ?60s Sound

SPORTS: NYTimes News
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•  Knicks Fire Coach Derek Fisher
•  Seattle Seahawks? Marshawn Lynch Retires in a Twitter Post
•  They?ve Seen It All

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