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WORLD: NYTimes International News
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•  U.S. Sees Other, More Direct Threats Beyond ISIS
A Syrian group led by a former member of Osama bin Laden?s inner circle is seen as more dangerous than the Islamic State for its potential to launch terror attacks.
•  Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That C.I.A. and the Islamic State Are United
A deputy prime minister publicly blamed the agency for creating the extremist group, and interviews suggested that most of the few thousand people at a demonstration Saturday subscribed to the same theory.
•  Back and Forth, Wearily, Across the ISIS Border
Over the course of each day, thousands journey between Iraqi Kurdistan and the territory under the control of the extremist militants of the Islamic State.
•  Lockdown Begins in Sierra Leone to Battle Ebola
The population was ordered to stay indoors, while nearly 30,000 volunteers were enlisted to identify households where people infected with the Ebola virus are hiding.
•  In Ruins of Ukrainian Town, Residents Crave Food, Water and Peace
As residents began repairing the damage in Luhansk and taking stock of the calamity around them, many said they no longer cared about the politics that caused it all.

BBC News: Politics
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•  Brown vows to 'lock in' Scots powers
Gordon Brown says his promise of further powers for Scotland will be delivered to the timetable set out ahead of the independence referendum.
•  Labour attacks England-only MP votes
Labour warns that creating England-only Commons votes will mean "two classes of MP", as parties deal with Scotland's rejection of independence.
•  Harman defends all-women lists
Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman says all-female candidate shortlists are the only way to stop Parliament being "male-dominated".
•  Salmond to quit after Scots vote No
Alex Salmond is to step down as first minister of Scotland and Scottish National Party leader after voters rejected independence in Thursday's referendum.
•  In full: Labour conference agenda
Timings for the main speakers and debates at the 2014 Labour conference in Manchester. Headlines
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•  Finding the Sweet Spot in the Financial Sector
•  A Nuclear Primer -- It's All About Uranium
•  Keld Jensens 7 Negotiation Tips for success
•  The Baltimore Ravens May Become The NFL's Los Angeles Clippers
•  Stop Watching NFL Football

BBC News: technology
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•  eBay flaw has existed for months
•  Google, Apple to encrypt by default
•  Oracle boss Larry Ellison steps down

ARTS: NYTimes News
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•  ArtsBeat: ?The Knick? Recap: Sexual Politics and the Early-20th-Century Woman
•  Angus Lennie, Actor in ?The Great Escape,? Dies at 84
•  Bridge: Chairman?s Team Wins Commonwealth Championship

SPORTS: NYTimes News
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•  Sports of The Times: A Rich History of Duels Between Ryder Cup Captains? Picks
•  Roundup: Real Madrid Rolls to Win as Ronaldo Scores Three
•  Roundup: 13th-Ranked Georgia Wins by Its Widest Margin Since 1958

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