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Altria: Opportunity In The Market For Marijuana?
While traditional tobacco volumes have been facing declines, U.S. number one Altria may be presented with a big opportunity in the budding marijuana market, especially as the drug is increasingly getting a legal status across the U.S. In spite of a prominent presence in the American tobacco industry, the maker of Marlboro continues to face tough circumstances as cigarette volumes continue to decline against increasing health awareness and anti-smoking regulations. Even against this, Altria has managed to sustain revenues, predominantly aided by price hikes. However, this strategy may be constrained beyond a point, since further price hikes could exacerbate the volume decline in a way that revenues actually start falling. In such a situation, the company could look at new avenues to boost revenues ? one of which, could be the growing marijuana market.


Will Southwest Allow Delta To Operate At Dallas Love Field -- Permanently?
The battle between Southwest and Delta reached a ceasefire last week, when Southwest temporarily allowed Delta to operate five daily flights using two of its gates at the Dallas Love Field Airport beyond the expiration of their gate-sharing arrangement on 6th July. While the airline awaits the court's verdict ? which is not expected to be out until Labor Day in September ? to decide its future course of action, we believe that despite having legal rights over the gates, Southwest will be forced to accommodate Delta's operations at Love Field going forward even at the expense of curtailing its own expansion plans.


What Factors Can Drive Hyatt's Stock Value?
Hyatt Hotels owned and leased hotel operations have been trending well for the past few years. Key to this performance has been the improving macro-economic environment in the U.S. Hyatt?s hotel occupancy has remained at over 75% while the average daily rates (ADRs) have grown at an average annual rate of 8% since 2010. This economic sensitivity, in our view, is the key driver of Hyatt stock performance. In light of anticipated growth in the country's economic parameters and tourism, we believe that a higher-than-expected increase in U.S. personal disposable income and international visitors could spur growth in demand for rooms and catalyze Hyatt's stock price movement. Similarly, higher-than-expected growth in Hyatt's loyalty program membership base can lead to a potential upside of over 10% to the company's stock price.


News Corp's Print Media Will Continue To Decline, Though Other Segments Show Promise
News Corp?s print business continues to face headwinds amid declining circulation and a shift in ad spending to other media. The trend is visible across the industry due to higher penetration of the Internet. As online information becomes more abundant, customers are becoming less likely to pay for the same information, which has resulted in a decline in the company's print subscriber base. Lower readership has further led to a decline in advertising income. That said, the company is aggressively expanding into digital media. And though the revenue generated therefrom has yet to fully offset the decline in print media revenue, it will do so, in our view, going forward. Let us take a closer look.


Spain's Podemos Could Make Greece Look Like Child's Play
Podemos seeks nothing less than the complete overthrow of Spain?s post-Franco status quo, from the destruction of the two-party system, to the end of the monarchy, the aristocracy and the way the economy is run.


IBM Smarter PlanetVoice: Watson Goes To Wimbledon To Serve Up Winning Tennis
By Sam Seddon, IBM UK The two-week fortnight of The All England Club's The Championships -- known as Wimbledon around the world -- has begun. Don't be fooled by the traditional white clothing that the tennis players wear or the historical green facades of the courts. Behind all of the Wimbledon [...]


Dan Nathan on Working For Stevie Cohen, Tech Investing In 2001, and Option Trading
Dan Nathan of CNBC and Risk Reversal chats about how he approaches tech investing and specifically option trading to risk the least in order to make the most.


The Problem With Greece Is That It's Run Out Of Other Peoples' Money
Greece's Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, last night offered to meet most of the demands to the troika (or the institutions, to taste) in an attempt to keep the bailout deal going. However, no one seems very interested: for what he calls just some terribly minor variations in what was on [...]

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Personal Finance:
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•  Money Advice For Same-Sex Couples After Supreme Court Ruling
In light of the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, same-sex couples need to be proactive to take advantage of the spousal benefits they are entitled to receive.
•  10 Things Every College Grad Needs To Know About Money
One Stanford student thought “paid vacation” meant that her boss would pay for all her travel and leisure activities. Another didn’t know there was such a thing as a water bill, and a third threatened to call the police and report the work study office because it was letting the government withhold money from her paycheck.
•  Military Members Better At Monitoring Their Money
Compared with the rest of the U.S. population, military families are doing a better job at keeping tabs on their personal finances.
•  The Advantages Of Belonging To An Angel Group
Angel investing as an asset class is continuing to grow and many accredited investors want to learn how they can best get involved. When I’m asked that question I have one simple answer—start with a local angel group. There is no better way to simplify the complexities of angel investing than by working alongside like-minded angels. There are many good choices for investing, from investing on their own or informally with friends, to using on-line platforms for accredited investors and working with local startup accelerators.
•  Losing Sleep? Your Wallet Is To Blame.
According to three new studies, all released this week, Americans are seriously stressed about their finances. After examining the state of savings, spending, and financial stress in the U.S, all three studies found that while Americans aren't totally floundering when it comes to managing their household finances, they're feeling under-confident and over-stressed when it comes to what's in (or, in some cases, not in) their wallets.
•  Tactics To Delay Repaying Your Student Loan Debt
There are ways to delay repaying your student loans - either student loan deferment or forbearance - but borrowers need to be aware of the consequences of not paying their student loans.

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Technology: NYTimes
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•  Bits Blog: Zuckerberg Takes Questions in Facebook Session Marred by Tech Troubles
•  Facebook Sweetens Terms for Buyers of Video Ads
•  Apple Music Makes Debut With D.J. Carrying the Flag

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•  Sony XBR-75X940C 4K TV Review - Because Size Really Does Matter
•  Apple Music: How To Avoid Being Charged After Free Trial
•  30 Under 30 In Music: The Class Of 2015

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•  Watching TV Together Sucks
•  How the EPA Puts a Price Tag on Pollution
•  This Online Anonymity Box Puts You a Mile Away From Your IP Address

Software News: The Register
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•  Brainless Google Photos app labels black people 'gorillas'
•  Former L0pht man 'Mudge' leaves Google for Washington
•  Apple gets around to fixing those 77 security holes in OS X Yosemite

Slashdot News
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•  Amazon's New SSL/TLS Implementation In 6,000 Lines of Code
•  How Verizon Is Hindering NYC's Internet Service
•  MIT's Bitcoin-Inspired 'Enigma' Lets Computers Mine Encrypted Data

Enterprise: The Register
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•  Microsoft Blighty reveals 77,777.77 Surface 3 'variant'
•  IBM gets green light to sell off chips biz to GlobalFoundries
•  Hide the HUD, say boffins, they're bad for driver safety

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