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Thai Tourism Mulls Image, Safety As Arrivals Hit 30 million
Songkran 2016 celebrations in Bangkok. Photo credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand In yet another tourist-related public relations disaster in Thailand, the country?s friendly ?Land of Smiles? image ? and massive tourism revenues ? may be slipping from its grip. Last week,a video went viral of a vicious assault on an elderly British [...]


2016 Frieze VIP Preview Reports Strong Sales, Attracts Celebrities And Collectors
"It's good for New York, and it's an interesting group of dealers and material," said Starr.


2016 Frieze Art Fair
"It's good for New York, and it's an interesting group of dealers and material," said Starr.


A LinkedIn Just For Women
The startup Landit, cofounded by venture capitalist Lisa SKeete Tatum, aims to be a LinkedIn for women.


Can The Next President Keep The Philippine Growth Story Alive?
Despite continuing economic growth in the Philippines, the outcome of Monday's presidential election could have a significant effect on foreign appetite for investment.


The New Real Estate Porn: Will This NSFW Video Help Sell A $12.5 Million Manse In Hollywood Hills?
Video Hide the kids. And definitely don?t watch this at work. You don?t ever want to have confess to your boss that you?ve refreshed the same YouTube video18 times in an hour on the company server. If you ask The Agency?s co-founder Billy Rose what type of reaction he was hoping to [...]


Rajesh Pillai's 'Traffic' Continues The True-Life Dramas Trend In India
VideoManoj Bajpayee in 'Traffic' (Photo Fox Star Studios) Traffic, a Hindi remake of a Malayalam film based on the true story of a traffic cop's heroic efforts to ensure a donor?s heart reaches hospital in time to save the life of a 12-year-old girl, opens in India today. Sadly the director of [...]


Is Fracking For Gas Dirty Enough For A Coal Resurgence?
Tougher environmental regulations, a flood of cheap natural gas from fracking, and a sudden decrease in demand from China, has pushed natural gas even further in replacing coal in generating electricity. But fears about fracking?s effects on the environment has spawned bans on fracking in some states. A new study by the University of Texas at Arlington demonstrates that groundwater quality changes alongside the expansion of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing but also suggests that some potentially hazardous effects may dissipate over time.

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Personal Finance:
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•  CFPB Delivers A Huge Favor To Lawyers With New Arbitration Rules
A rule banning class-action waivers represents a hard-fought victory for plaintiff lawyers.
•  Can't Afford To Renovate? 18 Room Makeovers Under $500
After closing on a slightly “lived-in” home, you’re probably dying to renovate. But that Pinterest-fueled excitement might need to be tempered by the reality of your budget. There may not be a lot of money left in your bank account after dropping a down payment on that dreamy, antebellum-style home for sale in Nashville, TN, for instance. However, you don’t have to let your budget stop you from revealing your fixer-upper’s potential. Here are 18 small, under-$500 makeover ideas that will freshen up an entire room.
•  Mortgage Rates: Trending Down Going Into Homebuying Season
Mortgage rates fell to 3.61 percent on an average 30-year fixed loan, down from 3.66 percent last week. Rates have held below 4 percent all year and have been trending lower since March, giving house hunters a leg up going into peak home-buying season.
•  Budget-Friendly Dubai: Getting Around With Local Transport
Dubai might have a reputation of glitz and glamour, but the emirate boasts an affordable, easy-to-use public transportation system.
•  CFPB Aims To Overrule Supreme Court And Federal Law On Arbitration
The CFPB has released a proposal rule barring arbitrations that prohibit class actions. Here's why the proposed rule will harm consumers.
•  Hunting For Stocks In Good Neighborhoods
Vince Rivers: At the JOHCM US Small Mid Cap Equity Fund (JODMX), we apply the same core ethos as other teams at the firm, by pursuing a highly active, benchmark agnostic approach which seeks to identify alpha opportunities throughout our asset class. Each of our three managers has a significant expertise in three individual sectors. Our approach to working on names is to identify trends that are going on in the individual sectors. These are our big-picture themes. This generally gives you a place to find good neighborhoods to hunt in for stocks.

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Technology: NYTimes
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•  Common Sense: Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day. It Wants More.
•  Via Attracts Financing, Despite Silicon Valley?s Nervousness About Ride Sharing
•  Infighting Threatens to Fell a Venture Capital Firm

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•  Is Fracking For Gas Dirty Enough For A Coal Resurgence?
•  Cavium's Octeon TX Bridges The Data Plane And Control Plane With Multi-core ARM
•  Top 10 Facts About The Big Bang Theory

Technology: Wired
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•  SpaceX?s Falcon 9 Will Fail Its Way to Being a Master Lander
•  Mount St. Helens Is Recharging Its Magma Stores, Setting Off Earthquake Swarms
•  Netflix Just Made It Way Easier To Stream Shows On the Go

Software News: The Register
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•  Microsoft kicks out fix for buggy Win Server 2012 WSUS updates
•  Have Microsoft-hosted email? Love using Live Mail 2012? Bad news
•  'Bitcoin creator' Craig Yeah Wright in meltdown

Slashdot News
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•  India Plans To Spend $6 Billion On Creating New Forests
•  Tesla Plans To Produce 500,000 Electric Cars In 2018, 1 Million In 2020
•  LAPD Hacked An iPhone 5s Before The FBI Hacked San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone 5c

Enterprise: The Register
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•  ZX Printer's American cousin still in use, 34 years after purchase
•  VxRackery dominates EMC World day 2
•  Sat TV biz Dish: I'm not an authorized iPhone repairer ... but $20 is $20

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