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Formula One's Billion Dollar Man
Formula One made history last month when it announced that the Mexican Grand Prix will return to its calendar in 2015. The event in Mexico City returns after a 23-year absence but this isn?t the only reason why the announcement was historic. It also marked the second time that American auto [...]


Best British Beer Fest Brews Up A Success
Last week was the occasion of The Great British Beer Festival, held in London?s vast Olympia exhibition space. Now the Brits know a thing aboutbeer having been brewing it for millennia, and they experienced their own beer revolution, not dissimilar to America?s craft beer movement, in the 1970's, a decade before [...]


New Tech Inventions for Aging Parents: Will Seniors Use Them?
There are some great inventions out there to help keep our aging parents safe and better their lives. When a senior's cooperation is needed to use them, though, it might not be a sure thing. My 92 year old mother in law has resisted wearing a personal emergency response device for some time, though now she's more cooperative. I'm hoping scientists will invent a Stubborness Removal Gadget. It would be worth a fortune!


Legendary Peking Opera Troupe Visits New York And Washington
The contemporary artistic descendants of a legendary 20th century Peking Opera performer are touring the United States this month, performing in New York and Washington.


Crowdsourced Campaign Supporting Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Raises $200k+
An online campaign in support of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson has raised over $200,000, according to crowdsourcing and fundraising site GoFundMe. The money comes from close to six thousand tax deductible donations ranging in price from $5 to $5,000. According to the GoFundMe page, the funds raised will go directly [...]


The "Internet of Things" Comes To A TigerDirect Store Near You
Tiger Direct is a company with its roots in Do-It-Yourself technology. While the company started as ?Tiger Software? in 1989 as a publisher of titles for both Windows and Mac computers, after several mergers and acquisitions, it evolved into a seller of build-it-yourself computers in early nineties. In those days [...]


Lava From Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano May Melt Through Glacier In '0 - 20 Hours'
Scientists at the island nation's Meteorological Office say a small volcanic eruption has started in a section of the huge Bardarbunga (Brarbunga) volcano that is under the northern part of Europe's largest glacier.


Britain's Most Expensive Residential Real Estate Locations
Although the gap between London and the regional markets is starting to narrow, average real estate prices in seven out of ten regional hotspots remain significantly lower than those recorded in the cheapest London borough.

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Personal Finance:
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•  Social Security Q&A: Can Resident Aliens Return to Their Country and Still Collect?
Social Security may be your largest or one of your largest assets. How you manage it, by deciding which benefits to collect and when, can make an absolutely huge difference to your lifetime benefits. And those with the highest past covered earnings have the most to gain from maximizing their Social Security.
•  This Week In Credit Card News: Data Breaches At Supermarkets, Hospitals And UPS; Fighting Card Theft
Visa Wants to Make it Even Harder for Thieves to Buy Gas with Your Credit Card
•  How TIPS Help A Well Constructed Portfolio
Perhaps one of  the biggest enemies of your investment portfolio is rising inflation. Inflation is when the cost of goods and services you buy rise in price. For example, if a can of Coke costs $1.50 last year and $1.65 this year then that +10% increase is inflation. The actual inflation metric that the government publishes is more complicated. This is because many things are purchased beyond Coke, so inflation calculations combine a diverse set of products and services according to their importance to get to one average inflation number. For example, food has a 13.8% weighting out of the 100% total, indoor plants and flowers have a much lower 0.1% weighting. The price change of each component is monitored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics who report on US inflation monthly. At the extremes over the past year, the price of televisions fell -15% but the price of certain footwear rose +8.3%. Most products stay relatively close to the average inflation rate, which is currently approximately +2%. Inflation matters for you as an investor, because your investments are priced in dollars. If your Apple stock is trading at $100 in your retirement fund, and you plan to drink a lot of Coke in retirement, then your Apple stock is less valuable if the price of a Coke is $1.65 rather than $1.50. This is true even if the price of Apple stock is unchanged. You can now buy six fewer cans of Coke with your Apple investment than you previously could. That’s why inflation hurts you as an investor, your investment dollars are worth less when you ultimately come to spend them if prices rise over time.
•  Retirement Planning For Late-Starters
You're in your 50s and haven't saved for retirement. Don't panic, but do get going and take these steps now.
•  6 Common Mistakes Even Investing Pros Make
By Kate Ashford
•  Can A Life Insurance Policy Increase Your Financial Aid?
With college costs and student loan balances on the rise, many people are trying to figure out how to maximize their financial aid, especially if they have a lot of assets that could reduce their eligibility. For example, we recently received a question on our Facebook page from someone whose financial planner recommended that they sell $100k worth of stocks and move the money into a cash value life insurance policy to shield it from impacting financial aid and to collect steady interest while protecting it from losing principal. Does this make sense? Let's look at some factors:

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Technology: NYTimes
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•  Bits Blog: U.S. Finds ?Backoff? Hacker Tool Is Widespread
•  Datapoints: Two Countries, Two Vastly Different Phone Bills
•  Popular and Free, SoundCloud Is Now Ready for Ads

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•  Crowdsourced Campaign Supporting Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Raises $200k+
•  Lava From Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano May Melt Through Glacier In '0 - 20 Hours'
•  Apple And Microsoft: A Wants List

Technology: Wired
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•  Small Eruption Suspected at Iceland?s Bararbunga
•  Don?t Get Bullied by IT
•  From Big Data to Actionable Data: Has Our Biology Failed Us, or Have We Failed to Use It?

Software News: The Register
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•  Cheapo Firefox OS mobes to debut in India ? definitely not one for selfie-conscious users
•  Red Hat: ARM servers will come when people crank out chips like AMD's 64-bit Seattle
•  Microsoft parts Azure cloud, reveals NoSQL doc database

Slashdot News
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•  The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On
•  South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"
•  Eruption Of Iceland's Bardarbunga Raises Travel Alert to Red

Enterprise: The Register
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•  Cheapo Firefox OS mobes to debut in India ? definitely not one for selfie-conscious users
•  iPhone owners EARN MORE THAN YOU, says mobile report
•  Trundle, trundle, FLEEEP: iPhone 6 production grinds to halt

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