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Constant Tide of Migrants at Sea, and at Turkish Cemetery
Increased patrols and cold weather have done little to dissuade refugees fleeing war, and those who drown and are unclaimed are each given numbers and buried.


Jordan Struggles Under a Wave of Syrian Refugees
Jordan?s leaders face appeals from an overwhelmed public and from European nations urging them to stop the Syrians from heading to the West.


Facing Allies? Doubt, John Kerry Voices Confidence in Syria Cease-Fire
Mr. Kerry, the secretary of state, promised on Saturday to help close off the routes migrants are taking to Europe and warned Russia that its military efforts in Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad would ultimately fail.


Catholic Leaders Say Zika Doesn?t Change Ban on Contraception
After a period of saying little, bishops in Latin America are beginning to speak up and reassert the church?s opposition to birth control and abortion.


Francis Admonishes Bishops in Mexico to ?Begin Anew?
Speaking at Mexico City?s majestic Metropolitan Cathedral, the pope spared no criticism as he painted an almost biblical picture of a church seduced by power and money.


Falling Asleep to Grenades: Mexicans Tell Pope How They Live
Before Pope Francis?s arrival in Mexico, we asked readers there to tell us what he should know about their lives. We received more than 500 responses on Facebook.


Russian Orthodox Church Blocks Funeral for Last of Romanov Remains
Despite mountains of evidence, the church says it doesn?t believe the remains are those of the last czar and his family.


Britain Aims to Strengthen North?s Cities
Under a ?Northern Powerhouse? plan, the government has pledged to build more roads and railways, invest in technology and research hubs, and even appeal to China?s development bank for funds.

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BBC: Also in the News
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•  Church settles debt with prayers
A Russian Orthodox Church diocese settles a debt dispute by promising to pray for the health of the claimants.
•  Gay-themed emojis irk Indonesia
Indonesia's information ministry wants messaging apps to remove emojis representing same-sex couples.
•  Town's beer fountain plan goes ahead
Objections from some councillors fail to scupper plans for a beer fountain in a Slovenian town.
•  Kimonos fit for wheelchair users
Japanese designers adapt kimonos so they can be put on while sitting down.
•  Wolf advice centre opens in Germany
A new monitoring and advice centre is set up to help Germans to adjust to growing wolf numbers.

BBC: World [Video&Audio]
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•  VIDEO: Syrian Red Crescent deliver aid
The Syrian Red Crescent is bringing aid to the Damascus suburb of Douma.
•  VIDEO: Republican candidates get personal
The Republican candidates for president traded sharp blows over foreign policy and the future of the Supreme Court in an often unruly and chaotic debate.
•  VIDEO: 50-vehicle Pennsylvania pile-up
More than 50 vehicles have been involved in a motorway pile-up in Pennsylvania.
•  VIDEO: Creeping paralysis fear for Zika patients
The Zika virus has moved north to Colombia where it is being linked by some doctors to cases of paralysis.
•  VIDEO: Civilians starve as bombs fall in Syria
Doubts mount over international agreement to cease some of the hostilities in Syria.

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