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Stabbings, and Deadly Responses, Add to Israel?s Security Challenge
Critics argue that too tough a reaction only pours gasoline on the bonfire, inspiring more attacks and protests that sometimes escalate into deadly clashes.


Deadly Ankara Attack Not Enough to Unify a Polarized Turkey
Even in the face of a bombing that killed nearly 100 people, political leaders bickered among themselves rather than offer consolation.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Most Likely Hit by Russian-Made Missile, Inquiry Says
The findings support a theory that that the flight was shot down by Russian-backed separatists armed with an SA-11, or Buk, surface-to-air missile.


British Campaigns, and Powerful Voices, Take Sides on E.U. Membership
Two groups, Britain Is Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave, are a measure of how many people have firm positions for or against Europe.


Afghan ISIS Branch Makes Inroads in Battle Against Taliban
Islamic State victories against the Taliban have not weakened the overall insurgency, but have mostly inflicted more chaos and misery upon Afghan civilians.


Myanmar Is Said to Consider Postponing Election in November
The head of the election commission, once tied to the military-backed governing party, cited damage from summer floods, but the opposition questioned his motives.


In West Africa, a Mission to Save Minds
A growing number of groups are providing mental health care without clinics or doctors, relying instead on mobile nurses, cheap generic drugs and community support systems.


African Conservation Group With Unusual Mission: Enforcement
An alliance known as the Eagle Network was involved in an effort to bring to justice a Guinean official accused of engaging in illegal wildlife trade.

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BBC: Also in the News
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•  Police call for cheap pizza tip-offs
Finnish police want people to report eateries offering cheap pizza, as part of efforts to clamp down on the "grey economy".
•  President's anger at deputy's pardon
Vanuatu speaker pardons himself of bribery conviction while president is abroad.
•  Seoul's smelly gingko problem
City faces multi-million dollar bill to end annual stench.
•  Refugees guest-edit Danish newspaper
A Danish newspaper hands over the reins to 12 refugees for a special edition to give their take on Europe's migration crisis.
•  Candidates warned not to meet voters
Saudi women also banned from publishing photos in campaign material.

BBC: World [Video&Audio]
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•  VIDEO: 'I can't forgive them for teaching me to fight'
Nearly 5,000 children have been released from rebel groups in the Central African Republic.
•  VIDEO: Gangs sell fake passports to refugees
The BBC's Fergal Keane reports on refugees who are turning to gangs selling forged passports and try their luck using traditional transport routes.
•  VIDEO: 'We hope they did not suffer'
The father of one of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which crashed in Ukraine, says the official report gives them hope that the passengers did not suffer.
•  VIDEO: Three dead in Jerusalem attacks
At least three people have been killed in separate stabbing and shooting attacks in northern Israel.
•  VIDEO: Pay by ring? The new ways to buy goods
From jewellery with embedded chips to biometric technology, how the way we pay for things could change

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