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Too Ill to Fly? Shifting Ideas of Pilot Fitness
Aviation experts say that most screening programs in Europe and the United States are based on an honor system that relies on pilots volunteering information about their mental health.


News Analysis: Fragile Cease-Fire in Ukraine Inspires Little Confidence in West
Western diplomats and analysts are predicting a further escalation of tensions, possibly including the placement of Russian nuclear weapons in the annexed Crimean Peninsula.


Germanwings Pilot Andreas Lubitz Sought Treatment for Vision Problems Before Crash, Authorities Say
The revelation adds a new element to the portrait of the German co-pilot, who officials say was also being treated for psychological issues.


Iran?s Top Negotiator Says Accord Can Be Drafted
Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, said Saturday that he had had productive discussions with his European counterparts about the remaining gaps in a nuclear accord.


No. 2 Negotiators in Iran Talks Argue Physics Behind Politics
Forty years after they both attended M.I.T., the nuclear scientists Ernest J. Moniz and Ali Akbar Salehi have emerged as the No. 2 negotiators on Iran?s nuclear program.


Australia to Join Regional Development Bank Led by China
The decision to join the bank is an about-face for the nation, which had earlier agreed with the Obama administration?s requests to stay aloof from the bank.


Indefinite Safe Sex Urged for Liberian Ebola Survivors
After an Ebola death, scientists want to gather more information on the length of time the virus might remain present in semen.


Nigeria Votes in Sharply Contested Presidential Election
Dense crowds of people sometimes waited hours to vote on Saturday, and the election had to be extended to Sunday in parts of the country where machinery malfunctioned.

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BBC: Also in the News
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•  Couple marry in supermarket aisle
A couple marry in the Easter egg aisle of the Cambridgeshire supermarket where they shared their first date.
•  Nappy-wearing goat back with mum
A nappy-wearing sickly kid goat nursed back to health is now behaving "like a proper goat, not a dog" her owner says.
•  'Cat litter mix' closed nuclear site
A team of experts says a mixture that included organic cat litter forced the closure of the only underground nuclear waste repository in the US.
•  Work earlier in summer, says Japan PM
Japan's prime minister says people should start work earlier during summer months for a better work-life balance.
•  Love blooms for rival Russian MPs
Two Russian MPs from different political parties get married after falling in love in parliament.

BBC: World [Video&Audio]
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•  VIDEO: Lew Kuan Yew's state funeral procession
Tens of thousands of people are lining the streets of Singapore to bid farewell to the founding father of the city-state, Lee Kuan Yew.
•  VIDEO: Global sites go dark for Earth Hour
Landmarks across the globe have been switching off their lights as part of WWF's Earth Hour, as Alice Baxter reports
•  VIDEO: Monitoring a ceasefire in Ukraine
International observers are in Ukraine to observe a ceasefire, but they say they do not have access to all border crossings.
•  VIDEO: Islamist rebels in Syria 'capture Idlib'
Rebel fighters in Syria are reported to have captured most of the northern city of Idlib, as Alan Johnston reports
•  VIDEO: Relatives visit plane crash site
Alps plane crash relatives, including father of Briton Paul Bramley, have been visiting the site as more details emerge about the pilot, Andreas Lubitz's history.

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