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All-but-Forgotten Prisoner in Jordan Is Suddenly at Center of Swap Demand by ISIS
The Islamic State has said that if a failed suicide bomber, Sajida al-Rishawi, is not released by Jordan, it will kill a Japanese and a Jordanian hostage.


Hezbollah Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon
The missile strike was the latest in a string of events along Israel?s northern frontiers that have raised the risk of a broader confrontation.


Ukraine Clamps Down on Travel to and From Rebel Areas
After new border restrictions were put in place, a policy of isolating and frustrating rebel-held regions has taken a major and maddening turn.


French Government Hopes Graphic Video Will Stop Youths From Turning to Jihad
The video, showing clips of executions, wounded children and crucifixions, is aimed at blunting recruitment efforts by the Islamic State and other terrorist groups.


Former Top Venezuela Aide Said to Flee Amid Inquiry
Venezuelan leaders respond to reports that an ex-chief of the security for the National Assembly leader has implicated him as a drug trafficker.


2 Sentenced in Murders in Chile Coup
A ruling said the murders of two Americans were the result of a ?secret investigation? of Americans? political activities in Chile by the United States Military Group in Santiago.


U.S. Suddenly Goes Quiet on Effort to Bolster Afghan Forces
The American-led coalition regularly shared details on how the money was being put to use, but as of this month the information is now considered classified.


Police Bullets Killed a Hostage in Sydney Cafe Siege, Inquest Is Told
One of the two hostages who died during a 17-hour siege of a downtown Sydney cafe in December ?was struck by six fragments of a police bullet or bullets, which ricocheted from hard surfaces into her body.?

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BBC: Also in the News
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•  Florida cat crawls out of grave
A cat in Florida who was presumed dead after being run over appears five days later having somehow escaped its grave.
•  Irish post returns Santa letter
Ireland's postal service apologises after a child finds her letter to Santa returned with an "insufficient address" sticker.
•  'Daughter wanted' in Chinese advert
Doctor says she wants to find someone to keep her company and inherit her business.
•  No superheroes allowed, says Denmark
Man's application to change his name to Superhero is rejected by naming authorities.
•  Turkmenistan 'bans black cars'
Customs officials in the Central Asian country say people should buy white cars instead.

BBC: World [Video&Audio]
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•  VIDEO: Inquest into Sydney cafe siege starts
An inquest into the Sydney cafe siege has begun and aims to establish exactly how the hostages died and whether their deaths could have been avoided.
•  VIDEO: Icy blizzard brings Boston to halt
The blizzard which narrowly missed New York on Tuesday has instead dumped up to a metre of snow on New England in the US.
•  VIDEO: Inside Tripoli's battle-ravaged airport
Footage inside Tripoli's abandoned airport shows the extent of damage caused by clashes.
•  VIDEO: Ukraine hospitals 'under attack'
The BBC's Sarah Rainsford meets Andreas Koutepas, the local Medecins Sans Frontieres co-ordinator in Artemivsk, eastern Ukraine, who says that hospitals in the region have come under attack.
•  VIDEO: City of snipers: BBC goes inside Benghazi
The BBC's Feras Killani reports from Benghazi, where pro-government forces have been fighting Jihadist militants.

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