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NATO to Create a Rapid-Response Force for Eastern Europe, Officials Say
NATO leaders are expected to respond to increased Russian intervention in Ukraine by establishing a force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe.


As Ukraine Talks Resume, Putin and Poroshenko Trade Barbs
Mediators held talks on the Ukrainian conflict on Monday, even as President Vladimir V. Putin accused Kiev of seeking to avoid autonomy for southeastern Ukraine.


U.N. Rights Council to Investigate ISIS Abuses in Iraq
The council adopted a resolution without a vote, calling for a team to be sent to Iraq to look into killings and other atrocities.


Israel Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of West Bank Land Near Bethlehem
The move could herald significant Israeli construction in the area ? defying Palestinian demands for a halt in settlement expansion and challenging world opinion.


In Interviews, 3 Americans Held in North Korea Plead for U.S. Help
The three were interviewed by CNN and The Associated Press, and the choreography of the interviews suggested that North Korea wanted to use the prisoners as bargaining leverage.


Beijing?s Stance Has Democrats in Hong Kong Facing Tough Choices
Students and organizers plan strikes, legal obstruction and a sit-in after the national legislature placed strict limits on how the city may pick its next leader.


Decaying Guantnamo Defies Closing Plans
More than 12 years after the Bush administration first sent detainees to the prison in Cuba, tensions are mounting over whether President Obama can close it before leaving office.


Militias Seize Control of Libyan Capital
A new stage in a power struggle has resulted in rival centers of government, one in Tripoli, and the other in Tobruk.

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BBC: Also in the News
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•  Two-headed snake found in Turkey
A farmer finds rare two-headed snake in north-eastern Turkey.
•  Antwerp's 'selfie speeding signs'
Authorities in Antwerp launch "selfie traffic signs" to get people to stop speeding.
•  Scientists solve 'sliding rocks' puzzle
Scientists have finally worked out how rocks on a dry lake bed in California move across the ground.
•  Mohammed most common name in Oslo
Mohammed is now the most common male name in the Norwegian capital, a census shows.
•  Virtual girlfriends on China's Taobao
China's leading online shopping website offers virtual relationships for just $2 a day.

BBC: World [Video&Audio]
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•  VIDEO: Iraq grannies 'take on IS in Amerli?
Residents and fighters in Amerli are celebrating the end of a two-month siege and the withdrawal of IS militants from around the town.
•  VIDEO: Could Horseball gain Olympic glory?
Horseball, a mix of rugby and basketball, was invented in France in the 1970s, and now there are attempts to get it into the Olympics, as the BBC's Ollie Williams reports.
•  VIDEO: Embracing animation in Africa
There are already animation studios in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, but only a very limited number of good schools teach art and animation techniques on the African continent.
•  VIDEO: ?I smuggled jihadists into Syria?
The BBC's Ian Pannell reports from Turkey's border with Syria where he met a man who helped smuggle foreign fighters cross the border.
•  VIDEO: PM outlines passport seizure powers
The police are to be given new powers to seize the passports of terrorist suspects and stop British jihadists from returning to the UK, David Cameron has said.

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